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What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is so much more than posting photos and “liking comments”, social media management encompasses a range of different tasks, we’ve broken them down into the three key categories below.

  1. Content
    Creating, designing and scheduling content across social media profiles.

  2. Community
    Monitoring social media inboxes, engaging with online communities and collaborating with influencers.

  3. Measure & Report
    Measure social media performance, report on what works, what doesn’t and how to gain results.


Social media management is an important component of both a digital and social media strategy. It is a blueprint for how you manage your content and interactions with customers through social media.

Social media management is for businesses who want to use social media to its full potential. It’s for businesses who need an active and consistent social media presence, but don’t have the time, know-how or resources to do it themselves. Social media management is for savvy business owners who let experts take the reins so their business can reap the rewards.


It’s cost-effective, works with any budget

A direct channel to engage with customers

It can act as a customer service department

Builds strong brand credibility

Allows business owners to focus on growing their business

A key tool to gather audience insight


Take Your Business To The Next Level

As a social agency we can create content, post it to your channels and report on performance. Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call to talk about social media management for business.

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Amy Chambers

Founder & Director Max & Molly

Couldn’t be happier with the results…

Just Bee Social has been helping me grow my business and they’re amazing at what they do. They are so knowledgeable about social media and how to help business’s grow. I highly recommend Just Bee Social to everyone. I can’t wait for our next meeting.

Carolyn Haywood

Business Mentor & Coach

Nothing is ever too much trouble…

Since using Just Bee Social, the interaction I have received on my social media has improved significantly. I love to create my own content but just don’t have time and Just Bee Social have overwhelmed me with all the content they have created so far. The girls have listened to my plans and thoughts and literally have taken them to the next level! Would highly recommend this amazing team. I’m excited for the future and working more with them.

Mike McCoy

Director of M&M Windows

Nothing but high praise…

I’ve worked with Just Bee Social for a couple years and more recently on social media management with Just Bee Social. They’ve put me in the perfect position for moving my business forward on social media and my website and are looking into a lot more. The company is very professional and has brought us on massively. I would highly recommend Just Bee Social.

Social Media Management:

Frequently Asked Questions

“How does Social Media Management work?”

You share access to your business social media accounts. We create a social media strategy, design graphics, write content, schedule posts and report on their performance.

“As a Social Media Manager, are you posting for me?”

Yes, think of Social Media Management as ghost writing. We’re posting on your business social media profiles as your business. We’re taking the hassle off you, so you can focus on the rest of your to-do list.

“What platforms do you manage? How often will you post?”

We can manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The amount of posts that go out is dependent on budget. Think of it as a menu, the more you order, the more you’ll get.

“If people ask questions, do you go in and answer them?”

Absolutely, it’s on the menu, we offer this service, it’s called “inbox monitoring”.
Similar to above, this is budget dependent, if you’d like us to look after it, add it to your order.

“Do you respond to comments?”

Yes! We respond to questions and comments. Whether it’s liking a comment, or thanking someone for sharing, it’s all a part of customer service via social media.

“How will I know if what you are doing is working?”

We use a platform called Sprout Social that is able to track and report on performance. We’ll have regular catch ups to talk about what’s working across your social media platforms and where can be improved.

Social Media Management

Bee ahead of the game, without the hassle. Let experts manage your social media platforms to your business’ advantage. Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call to talk about business social media management.

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