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11 Marketing Ideas

To increase sales online sales

It’s never too late to plan and implement new marketing ideas and strategies to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. We’ve put together 11 marketing ideas for you to try out to boost your E-commerce business.  

1. Invest in SEO 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of updating website content, building backlinks and creating a smooth user experience for customers to help your website appear higher on search engines such as Google or Bing. While this isn’t something we’d suggest you DIY, done right SEO can bring an increase in organic traffic to your site and products so can be worth the investment.  

2. Make use of photography and video 

It’s all well and good having a fantastic product but if you don’t showcase it properly online this can limit sales. Investing in good photographs and videos of your products will allow your customers to see your products in all their glory.  

3. Upsell your product  

It’s a lot easier to sell to customers that are already in the bag (excuse the pun) than to try and gain new ones. Offer your customers additional extras to go along with their main purchase, or the chance to upgrade to a higher quality or additional features. Make sure that your offers are related to their original considered purchase.

4. Optimise for Mobile

If your website isn’t mobile optimised then make this priority number one. In 2021, Internet users spent half their time online on mobile devices (Statista, 2022) and this translates to your website traffic too. Ensure your website is responsive to mobile so your customers enjoy their shopping experience, and they will be more likely to return.  

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses someone with a large following on social to  promote your product. This can be a great way to reach a larger audience and instantly build trust. Make sure to choose an influencer that is related to your industry to ensure your business is getting in front of the right people.  

6. Talk about the end goal, not the product 

When you’re looking to grow sales it can be easy to create messaging and content based solely around the product you’re trying to sell.  While it’s good to give out information and answer any FAQ’s, this might not always entice potential customers. Try instead focusing on the end goal of the product from the customers eyes. For example, if you sell eye cream then talk about how your clients can look bright eyed and youthful. Or if you sell alcohol, showcase a great night out with friends enjoying your brand.  

7. Utilise Email  

Email marketing is a great way to and inform your customers throughout their buying journey. Capture subscribers through the promise of a great deal or access to your newsletter, then run regular campaigns to promote certain products or seasonal events.  

8. Subscribe & Save 

Subscriptions can be a great way to not only reach a new audience, but also ensure regular custom from current clients. One option is to offer a regular subscription of one of your products to be delivered at set intervals. Alternatively, you could create a new line of subscription-based bundles with varying products each month to try.  

9. Optimise your website.  

Your customers want an easy way to browse and purchase your products, so make sure your website is easy to navigate and simple to use. Ensure you have plenty of call to actions throughout your website and keep headers regularly updated to showcase current offers.  

10. Make use of social media

Social media is a fantastic way to showcase your business & products while also engaging directly and building trust with your audience. Make use of the variety of platforms and their features to ensure your content is insightful and engaging. The platforms you use will depend on who you’re trying to speak to, but we’d recommend considering Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest.  

11. Don’t forget the holidays 

It’s important to take note of any holidays relevant to your business and plan for them. Create themed products or offer holiday themed discounts to make the experience more festive for your customers. Why not create a 12-month marketing strategy to plan events throughout the year and create products and content based around them? 

Want to put some marketing ideas for your e-commerce business into action?

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