A glass of gin and tonic garnished with lime

World Gin Day 2023

Our Favourite Gin Brands on Social Media 

It’s time to raise a glass and celebrate World Gin Day, a boozy bash that’s all about gin-spiration! This special day encourages all you gin-lovers out there to ditch the same-old-same-old and mix it up with exciting gin flavours and cocktails.  

With so many different gin flavours and styles to choose from, whether you’re a die-hard G&T fan or a daring gin cocktail adventurer, World Gin Day is the perfect chance to explore and discover new and exciting gin experiences. In recent years, gin brands have exploded in popularity, with a younger audience getting in on the action thanks to the introduction of flavoured gins and the fun, bold marketing that goes along with it. 

If you’re looking for a new tipple, we asked the team for their favourite gin brands on media, check them out below!  

Roku Gin

A well balanced Japanese inspired gin made using subtle hints of cherry blossom, green tea, Yuzu and black pepper.  

Why we love their social media 
Rokus showcase their gin using beautiful photography in Japanese settings, and keep their followers updated with recipes and tips to try out.  

You can check out their Instagram page here

Mermaid Gin  

A premium gin brand that is produced on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south coast of England. The gin is made using a unique blend of botanicals, including rock samphire, elderflower, and Boadicea hops, which are all sourced locally from the island. 

Why we love their social media
Mermaid gin’s socials are full of photography showcasing their products in stunning beach & seaside settings. But they’re not all about aesthetics! Keen to help save the planet, Mermaid Gin’s channels promote sustainability and content explores ways to up cycle their beautiful bottles.  

Check out their Instagram page here

Hendricks Gin

A big player in the gin game, Hendricks gin have a variety of flavours with their original infusion of rose and cucumber playing on their unique selling point of being a quirky and curious brand.  

Why we love their social media  
Take a moment to explore their channels and you’ll see why we love Hendricks – Not only is their content beautiful, but it is also unique, fun and full of curiosity. Their marketing uses illustrations and animations in a vintage style that we can’t help but love while their cocktail recipes over on YouTube had our mouths watering.  

Check out their Youtube channel here

Kings Hill Gin  

A meticulous blend of twelve finely curated botanicals, combined in perfect harmony and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still, Kings Hill Gin is all about the natural flavours foraged and dried by hand, and distilled in Scotland.  

Why we love their social media
Kings Hills socials are all about the experience enjoying their products surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. Scrolling through their Instagram grid makes us want to enjoy a weekend in the middle of Scotland, wearing cozy jumpers, surrounded by our loved ones enjoying a refreshing gin cocktail – lovely!  

Check out their instagram page here

So, there you have it, if you’re thinking of trying a new tipple this World Gin Day, why not check out one of the above? But remember alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation and always drink responsibly. 

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