When it comes to showcasing food and drink on social, few do It better than Instagram. With photo and video sharing being at the core of their platform, along with the use of trending hashtags such as #foodporn, #foodphotography and #foodstagram, it’s little surprise that Instagram is often the home to some of the biggest Food influencers.   

What have food influencers got to do with running my business? 

While foodies around the world will naturally flock to follow their favourite influencers, we shouldn’t forget that influencers can be a great asset to your food or drink-based business. Influencers can help you to attract audiences and grow your following on social media and web in addition to getting more sales.  

Great! How can I use food influencers to help grow my business?  

The biggest impact a food influencer can have on your business is through collaboration, or an influencer campaign. Working alongside an influencer in your market will get your name in front of the right people, while advocation will create trust and demand for your products. Further more, following them on social can open you up to communities within your sector through liking and commenting.  

 Which food influencers should I follow? 

If you’re a food business, starting up a new food brand, or just a general foodie, keep reading to check out our favourite 10 Instagram food bloggers to follow this year.  

1. Ella Mills @DeliciouslyElla

2.1 Million Followers

First up, we have Ella Mills, AKA Deliciously Ella. Deliciously Ella started by sharing plant-based recipes and naturally expanded into general wellness. She even has her own range of products now too.

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2. Gordon Ramsay @Gordongram

14 Million Followers  

Are you even a foodie if you don’t know Gordon Ramsay? A well-established TV chef and household name, Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram displays dishes from his restaurants across the globe and shares teaser clips from his TV shows. 

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3. Nigella Lawson @nigellalawson

2.8 Million Followers

Nigella’s Instagram is used as an extension of her popular cooking shows, she shares daily recipes and talks of her passion for ingredients.  

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4. Holly Jade @thelittleblogofvegan


Holly is a leading influencer when it comes to vegan baking, she shares regular recipes that are super styled and aesthetically pleasing.

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5. Bo’s Kitchen @Bos.kitchen


Sticking with the rising trend of veganism, Bo inspires her followers with an entire range of healthy recipes from whole meals to small snacks.  

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