A clock on leaves representing the clocks changing

The Benefits of Flexible Working

by Lauren Woods • October 23, 2023
Daylight Savings The Benefits of Flexible Working As we approach the end of October, the annual ritual of turning our clocks back an hour as we try to seize that last glimmer of daylight is once again upon us. Whether you see the extra hour in bed as win or find changing the clocks on [...]

Woman smiling at her desk, prioritising her mental health

Boosting your Mental Health at the Office

by Lauren Woods • September 29, 2023
World Mental Health Day Boosting your Mental Health at the Office World Mental Health Day is observed each year on the 10th of October to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote wellbeing. With most people spending a significant amount of their day at work, it's essential to prioritise mental health in the workplace.   [...]

Creative Director Jess

Happy Work Anniversary Jess!

by Lauren Woods • September 18, 2023
Happy Work Anniversary Jess! Celebrating two years as Just Bee’s Creative Director  It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since our Jess decided to take the leap and became Just Bee Social’s Creative Director after working alongside founder Leanne for only a few months – and we wouldn’t be where we are today [...]

Creative Agency team, Just Bee Social

Why collaboration is key for creative agencies

by Lauren Woods • September 4, 2023
Six Reasons that Collaboration is Key for Creative Agencies As a creative agency we’re always looking to create memorable campaigns that go above and beyond for our clients. This often means working alongside other creatives or agencies to create the best quality of work, more efficiently than if we had worked on it solely. Within [...]

Young man on laptop smiling

Three skills to enter the world of work

by Lauren Woods • July 10, 2023
World Youth Skills Day Three skills to nail before you enter the world of work World Youth Skills Day is held on July 15th and aims to raise awareness about the importance of providing young people with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. It highlights the crucial role that skills development plays [...]

Creative Lead Lauren

Happy Work Anniversary Lauren!

by Lauren Woods • June 19, 2023
Happy Work Anniversary Lauren!  This time last year saw the growth of Just Bee Social as after a slow burn 'will they, won't they' period of 6 months we made our relationship with our then freelancer, now Creative Lead Lauren official.  If you haven't officially met our Scottish representative of the business yet, here's your [...]

How to nurture your creativity

National Creativity Day 2023

by Lauren Woods • May 29, 2023
National Creativity Day 2023 How to Become More Creative Happy National Creativity Day, a day to honour the creativity that exists within each of us and to encourage people to embrace their creativity. In today's fast-paced world, it is essential to nurture our creativity, not only for personal growth but also to solve problems and drive [...]

Girls in IT Day

Empowering Women in the Tech Industry

by Lauren Woods • April 25, 2023
International Girls in IT Day Empowering Women in the Tech Industry Every year on the fourth Thursday of April, we celebrate International Girls in IT Day. This day is all about encouraging young women to pursue careers in the tech industry, which has traditionally been male-dominated. The purpose of this day is to show girls [...]

Recruiting vs outsourcing your marketing

by Lauren Woods • March 21, 2023
Hiring vs Outsourcing Should you recruit a Marketing Manager or partner with a Marketing Agency? When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may be looking to either outsource an agency or hire an individual marketer to get the results you are looking [...]

International Women’s Day & Social Media

by Lauren Woods • March 7, 2023
International Women's Day 2023 How to show your support on social International Women’s Day, we’ve all heard about it by now. If you haven’t, where have you been? Even though IWD has existed since way back in 1911, the power of social media has raised its profile massively over the past 5 years. What is [...]