What is branding? 
Put simply, branding is how businesses distinguish themselves from each other, it’s how consumers identify a particular business.  

Where Branding Began 
Over the years, the meaning of “branding” has evolved. Way back in the 19th century, packaged goods were on the rise, competition was heating up and business owners distinguished their products with a mark or logo. 

Take Coca-Cola for example, in the late 1880s, there were loads of soda producers. But, Coca-Cola developed an identifiable brand that positioned them as the go-to sugary beverage, making it an easy choice for consumers who would choose the brand of soda they recognised and trusted. 

What Branding is Today  
Branding stepped up a level in the mid-20th century. Yep, we’re talking the post-war consumer boom, where marketing became a priority and the Mad Men era was born. Business owners and marketers began to understand that there was more to products and services than just their names.  

Marketing teams realised that they could create a specific perception in customers’ minds concerning a business’ products or service. They took to calling this perception “the brand.” 

Social media has transformed what branding means today. Consumers expect more than quality service or products, they expect powerful storytelling and behind-the-scenes insight.  

Why is branding important for business? 
Whether it’s by design or by default, whether you sell a product or service, whether you’re a global corporation or a local business, you have a brand. Your business’ reputation builds up whether you’re proactively working on it or not. The result can be positive or negative.  

This is why it’s recommended to use experts to establish your Brand Book, your one stop shop that defines your business brand including your logo, tone of voice, visuals and core values.  

With creativity, skill and strategy, a brand can establish an identity that sets itself apart from the competition and sparks a connection with its audience. A positive and purposeful brand can drive new business, boost employee morale and secure a strong market position. But, neglected or done wrong it can also do the opposite. 

Strong branding shows customer why you’re, you.  
Here’s 7 reasons why a strong brand is essential to a successful business:  

1. Branding is your storytelling tool. 

Who are you as a business? How did you get here? What is your offering? 

2. Branding is how you build longevity

How do you want your customers, employees and general public to feel about you?
How do you want them to talk about you?

3. Branding is how you build trust with your customers

Why should I pick you over your competitor? Why should I invest in you?

4. Strong branding gives you drive and direction

Branding is how you connect your core values to your target customers

5. Great branding delivers results 

Nail your brand and watch your business grow. Having a strong brand means your offering will be clear and desirable to your audience. You can say hello to the results.  

6. Branding creates a positive employee morale

With positive branding comes positive company culture, this leads to employee morale that helps drive the business forward. 

7. Branding evolves over time

It’s never the wrong time to use experts to refine or define your brand. Just Bee Social will help you bee a cut above the rest and stand out from competitors with a brand that represents your business. 

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