The size of your business no longer matters when it comes to social media, the smallest of companies can boost their business by investing time into their online presence. Not using social media to market your products or services, or utilising it ineffectively, can result in a negative impact on your business and as a result, you may find yourself falling behind your competitors. 

So, if you find yourself a little lost in the vast world of social media, we have summarised 5 simple steps you can take to strengthen the foundations of your business and give your brand a quick online health check-up. 

Optimise your social media pages. 

If you imagine yourself as a potential customer visiting your page, what do you see? How does your brand look online at a first glance? Are your social media pages up to date or are they populated by battered logos, old campaigns and irrelevant advertising? Is your brand consistent across your online presence? Here’s our advice, start by optimising your pages to ensure that users know who you are and what you do as soon as they land on your profile. Utilise your cover and profile photo to showcase who you are, what you offer and what you care about.  

Optimise your website. 

Your social media strategy and your website are basically besties, they work together like Fridays and prosecco. Facebook would have us believe that having a strong website is no longer a priority, the truth is your website is more important now than it has ever been. See your website as the shopfront of your business online. A branded, functional, easy-to-navigate website is the foundation of your digital presence, but it’s only one part of the digital ecosystem your business needs. Social media shouts about your business, reaches customers who haven’t heard about you and points them in the direction of your digital shopfront (website) where the valuable transactions can take place.  

Unify your social media and your content marketing.  

Once you have optimised both your social media pages and your website, you can get started putting together an online marketing strategy that works for you. Think of your social media platforms as your worker bees spreading the word about your brand and your website as your hive where everything happens. Your social media pages are where real people come to hear about your brand and what you have to offer, it is where they make those initial decisions about whether you’re a company worth investing time and money in. Your social media pages should be filled with advice, resources and offers that benefit the visitors of your page. 

If you’re struggling to create a strategy that reflects your business goals, then drop us a message – we would love to help. A unified content marketing and social media strategy is a sure-fire way to build your brand. 

Create and share engaging content.  

Blogs, a great opportunity to share more in-depth information about your business. A few ideas on what to write blogs about:  

1. Insider Knowledge

Customers love to get to know the people behind the brand, how the company started, how you got to where you are.  

2. How to use “X”

Customers love to feel like they’re getting professional advice for free. Share some tips on different ways to use your product or the easiest way etc. 

3. Q&A

Take the chance to answer from frequently asked questions. A neat way to anticipate new customer’s hesitations and help them on their customer journey to placing an order. 

We recommend the website ‘ask the public’ to see what questions your audience is asking google that could be relatable to your business. Quality articles that provide value not only entice new customers they remind the current ones why the bought into your brand. Content marketing is expected to see significant development and content creators are getting much, much better. Great news for users, but it means small businesses like us have to work a lot hard to get their content seen.  

Establish your brand voice. 

People are less likely to trust a brand that doesn’t come across as authentic. Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to, people are on social media to share, get educated, interact, and be entertained, this is something you should always remember when creating the content for your social media. We cannot stress enough the importance of sounding like an actual human being on your social media stage. Regardless of the time and effort, you put into your strategies and how much you scream from the rooftops that your brand is amazing, your pages won’t grow. To get results you need to engage with real people at a human level and build a level of trust up between you and that individual, be unique, be authentic and be a human being.  

Shut up and Listen 

One of our favourite pieces of social media expertise is for businesses to shut up and listen. Listening and responding goes beyond community management, it’s about ensuring you provide what your audience are asking for and in turn give yourself the best chances of success. Social media marketing doesn’t stop at your posting strategy – customer service is a massive factor too. Make sure you top off your posting strategy of colossal awesomeness with a great response rate for queries. 

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